The first historical account of Vietnam mathematics on arXiv

11/20/2020 12:46 AM

Phenikaa University ISR (Ho Manh Toan; Nov 20, 2020)—To celebrate Vietnam Teachers' Day, the VIASM SciMath Database Project team members have completed the first working draft, depicting the 80-year development history of Vietnam mathematical research.

The 100-page preprint was accepted by arXiv on November 19 and has since been online at [1]

The SciMath project had been jointly discussed and conceived by Prof. Ngo Bao Chau (the University of Chicago and the Vietnam Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics) and Dr. Vuong Quan Hoang (ISR, Phenikaa University) before having been officially supported by The Phenikaa Innovation Foundation, following the agreement between Prof. Ngo Bao Chau and Dr. Ho Xuan Nang (Phenikaa Chairman).

The database project's actual implementation course has taken ISR research staff and outside volunteers roughly 13 months to reach this first English-language working paper. The preceding Vietnamese version of this manuscript was presented at VIASM Scientific Council Meeting on November 13, 2020, during which top mathematicians such as Profs. Ngo Bao Chau, Ho Tu Bao, Vu Ha Van, to name just a few, praised the intrepid efforts and congratulated the project team on the first achievement.

The project represents a daunting task of constructing the SciMath database, the first of its kind, covering the whole modern history of Vietnam mathematics by applying the analytical lenses on the authors-works-networks data sets. The whole project implementation also has to meet difficult criteria set out by Dr. Hoang's principle [2] of balancing cost-efficiency and value of scientific information within a strict timespan.


[1] NB Chau, VQ Hoang, LV Phuong, LT Hoa, LM Ha, et al. (2020). The 80-year development of Vietnam mathematical research: Preliminary insights from the SciMath database on mathematicians, their works and their networks. arXiv:2011.09328.

[2] QH Vuong. (2018). The (ir)rational consideration of the cost of science in transition economies. Nature Human Behaviour 2(1):5.